Value Place FDD Summary

Type of Business
Value Place Franchise Services LLC will grant an approved licensee a license to operate a Value Place property, which offers customers the value of a furnished studio apartment with kitchen facilities, together with terms and conditions, services and amenities associated with extended-stay properties, including easy check-in, one-week stays, and periodic housekeeping.

Corporate Information
Value Place Franchise Services LLC. is a Kansas limited liability company, which was formed on April 8, 2004. Their principal business address is 8621 E. 21st Street North. Suite 250, Wichita, Kansas 67206.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Value Place franchise ranges from $4,355,500 to $6,045,000. This includes between $50,599 and $62,000 that must be paid to VPFS when the Value Place franchise has no more than 124 rooms.

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