Are you Interested in Purchasing and Downloading FDD's?

How to View FDD's

The purpose of the this website, the FDDExchange, is to allow everyone to quickly view large numbers of FDD’s at the lowest possible cost.  One FDD a day for free or up to 100 FDD's per month for a modest monthly fee.   The FDD Exchange only supports Viewing, not Downloading.

How to Purchase and Download FDD's

If you need to download an FDD, our sister site, The FDD Store, allows you to purchase and download FDDs directly to your computer  At The FDD Store, FDD's can be purchased on a per FDD basis.  Once an FDD is purchased, you will be able to download the FDD in it's original PDF format directly to your computer.  If you want to purchase and download FDD's, click on the button below and you will be redirected to our sister site, The