PuroClean FDD Summary

Type of Business
We offer a PUROCLEAN® Franchise Business which provides: (a) drying remediation, mitigation and cleaning services along with structure repair on property casualty losses and related forms of property damage; and (b) purification remediation, mitigation and cleaning of HVAC systems, indoor air, structures, real property and personal property whether or not damaged by a casualty loss.

Corporate Information
PuroSystems, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Florida on October 3, 1990, under the name Purofirst International, Inc. Our name was changed on December 31, 2002. We maintain our principal place of business at 6001 Hiatus Road, Suite 13, Tamarac, Florida 33321.

Since 1991, we have offered franchises for the establishment of businesses that operate restoration and construction services and other related services and products for fire, water and other forms of property casualty damage and since 1999 certain non-casualty related cleaning and purification, under the trademark PUROFIRST®. We no longer offer franchises under the PUROFIRST mark. In 2001, we began to offer an alternate type of franchise, under the trademark PUROCLEAN®, to supply drying, repair, cleaning, mitigation, remediation and related services. We do not own or operate businesses of the types being franchised. We no longer offer franchises in any other line of business. At this time we do not provide training or equipment for certain purification services, but we may do so in the future.

The Initial Franchise Fee is $37,500 for a Protected Office Location of up to 100,000 people. The total investment necessary to begin operation for a location of up to 100,000 people ranges from $69,925 to $98,875. This includes $37,500-$77,500 that must be paid to us. The amount you pay to us will depend on whether you lease the Supplies and Equipment Package from a third party or purchase the Supplies and Equipment Package from our affiliate.

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