Persona Pizza FDD Summary

Type of Business
The franchise offered is for the establishment and operation of a dine-in pizza restaurant offering authentic Neapolitan artisan crafted style pizza baked in wood fired ovens at 800 degrees in 90 seconds, along with freshly made salads, hand-made gelato and various beverages, including beer and wine. The franchisor offers 2 franchise programs: a single Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria restaurant and Multiple Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria restaurants.

Corporate Information
Persona Pizza Holdings LLC was formed as a Florida limited liability company on January 7, 2013 and converted to a Delaware limited liability company on November 27, 2013 to offer Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria franchises. Their principal business address is 6538 Collins Avenue, #182, Miami Beach, Florida 33141.

The total investment necessary to begin operations of a Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria franchise is $242,650 to $404,100. This includes $35,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate. The initial franchise fee is discounted to $25,000 for multiple unit developers.
The total investment necessary to begin operation of multiple Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria franchises ranges from $245,150 to $506,600 (but can be more if you choose to develop more than 10 units). The initial development fee ranges from $25,000 (to develop 2 franchises) to $112,500 (to develop 10 franchises) or higher for the development of more than 10 units.

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