Paul Davis Emergency Services FDD Summary

Type of Business
Paul Davis Restoration, Inc.  licenses franchise rights to use PDRI’s Paul Davis Emergency Services service mark for the operation of a business specializing in emergency services, including drying, cleaning, decontamination, repair, board-up, demolition, loss mitigation, mold remediation and other emergency services for residential and commercial buildings, structures and contents.

Corporate Information

PDRI was incorporated in Florida in 1967. Prior to February 2, 2000, PDRI did business under the name of “Paul W. Davis Systems, Inc.” and under the trade name “Paul Davis Systems®”. On January 1, 2000, PDRI adopted the trade name “Paul Davis Restoration®” and on February 2, 2000, PDRI changed its corporate name from Paul W. Davis Systems, Inc. to “Paul Davis Restoration, Inc.” On November 14, 1997, The Franchise Company (U.S.) Inc., a Delaware corporation, whose principal place of business is 5397 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 108, Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 5K9, Canada, acquired PDRI. PDRI has no predecessors. PDRI’s sole parent is The Franchise Company (U.S.) Inc., with a principal place of business is 5397 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 108, Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 5K9, Canada.

PDRI began its operations as an insurance restoration structural renovation specialist in 1967 and began to offer franchises in January 1970 in the insurance restoration market.

The total investment necessary to begin operating of a Paul Davis Emergency Services Business franchise is $44,868 to $143,338. This includes $29,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate.

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