Liberty Tax FDD Summary

Type of Business
JTH Tax, Inc. d/b/a Liberty Tax Service offers a franchise program to operate tax return preparation offices utilizing special marketing techniques and operating procedures.

Corporate Information
JTH Tax, Inc. d/b/a Liberty Tax Service is a Delaware corporation incorporated on October 23, 1996. They do business as “Liberty Tax Service.” On September 23, 2010, they incorporated JTH Holding, Inc. in Delaware. JTH Holding functions as a holding company, which owns JTH Tax, Inc., JTH Financial, LLC and Hispanic Tax, LLC.

The typical total investment necessary to begin operation of a Liberty Tax office is $57,800 – $71,900. This includes the initial or resale franchise fee that you must pay to us, which is typically $40,000. In certain instances, the initial and resale franchise fee may be less depending on a variety of factors, including the demographics of the territory based on data provided from the last United States census as adjusted by available post census data or information.

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