Ice Born FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
The franchises offered are for (i) the right to develop IceBorn Houses, IceBorn Huts, and the IceBorn Express (collectively the IceBorn Machine[s]) in a designated territory selling ready-made ice to the consuming public under an Area Development and Servicing Agreement  and (ii) the right to operate an IceBorn House, IceBorn Hut or IceBorn Express under the terms of an Operator Agreement.

Corporate Information
We were organized in Delaware as a limited liability company on March 28, 2012. We maintain our principal place of business at 1597 The Greens Way, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250.

The total investment necessary to begin operations under a Development Agreement of IceBorn Machines ranges from $138,000 to $398,500.

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