HomeTask FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
HomeTask, Inc. (“HomeTask”) offers franchises to operate a business of providing a service for home and property owners, renters, businesses and others. HomeTask franchises Pet Butler, Lawn Army or Yellow Van Handyman brands of service.

Corporate Information
We do business under the name of “HomeTask,” “HomeTask.com,” other Trademarks (as identified in ITEM 13), and under our entity name. The business was formed November 5, 2003. We do not do business under any other names. HomeTask does not have a parent or any predecessors. No parents or affiliates offer franchises other than the Franchisor. We do not require the use of affiliates or suppliers for products or services. Our principal business address is 611 SW 152nd St., Seattle, Washington 98166, and our agents for service of process are listed in Exhibit D. The Pet Butler brand was owned by Pet Butler Franchise Services Corp, a Texas company founded by Matt Boswell. HomeTask acquired Pet Butler through a Letter of Assignment from Mr. Boswell on August 21, 2010. Pet Butler Franchise Services Corp had ceased operations. HomeTask accepted responsibility for the existing and open franchises.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Pet Butler, Lawn Army or Yellow Van Handyman franchise is from $19,500 to $32,000. This includes a $15,000 initial franchise fee and a $5,000 initial branding fee ($20,000 total) that you must pay to us.

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