American Express Travel Services FDD Summary

Type of Business
The franchisee will offer limited American Express Travel services in conjunction with its independently owned and operated travel business.

Corporate Information
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (TRS), the franchisor, was incorporated in New York on May 3, 1982. TRS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of their parent company, American Express Company, which is also a New York corporation. They both have their principal business address at 200 Vesey Street, New York, New York 10285.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of the franchise business is $16,600 to $54,000. This includes $3,500 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliate for your main office plus $2,500 for each additional branch office, if any, and the first Annual Fee of between $13,100 to $45,500 for up to two locations plus $2,000 for each additional branch office, if any.

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