18/8 Salons FDD Summary

Type of Business
The franchise is to operate a high-end hair salon under the “18/8®” name which caters to male customers and offers professional hair cutting and coloring services; beard and mustache cutting and coloring services; highlights; weaves; foot, face and scalp treatment services; massages; and other related services.

Corporate Information
Ultimate Franchises, Inc. was formed as a California corporation on October 30, 2009. Their principal business address is 30821 Seminole Place, Laguna Niguel, California 92677. They started offering franchises for 18/8 Salons in April 2011.

The total investment necessary to begin operation is $256,801 to $317,639 for a single 18/8 Salon developed at a newly-constructed location, and $332,301 to $568,139 for the first Salon developed as part of a 3-Pak, 6-Pak, or 10-Pak. These figures include $75,000 to $88,900 (for a single Salon) or $150,500 to $339,400 (for a multi-Pak Development Rights Rider) that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate.

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