Request An FDD

The FDD Exchange platform is designed to allow members to view thousand’s of FDD’s from a wide variety franchise systems.  For the large majority of our members, this is sufficient.  However, there may be situations where a member may need customized services and is willing to pay a modest fee for this service.  The FDD Exchange currently makes the following additional service available –

Steps to Request an FDD

If  you need a specific FDD that is not currently on the FDD Exchange, you are welcome to contact us and request that we attempt to secure the specific FDD.  The cost for this service is $45.00 per FDD and works as follows –

Step OneComplete This Form to request the FDD.  Information needed includes, name of franchisor and effective date (year) of the FDD.

Step Two – Once your order is received, our FDD team will work to secure copies of the FDD’s that you require.

Step Three – We will inform you via email regarding the results of our research.   Assuming we are able to secure the FDD, our research team will post the FDD’s on our sister website, The FDD Store, where the requested FDD will available for download at the cost of $45.00 each.

Download FDD’s

If you are looking for information on Downloading FDD’s, click here