Yogurtland FDD Summary

Type of Business
Yogurtland Franchising, Inc. franchisees will operate a quick-service yogurt retail store.

Corporate Information
Our Principal business address is 17801 Cartwright Road, Irvine, CA 92614.  Our business is operating and granting franchises to let people, like you, operate Yogurtland® frozen yogurt stores, which offer several flavors of frozen yogurt and other menu items for on-premises consumption and carryout. We started franchising in March, 2007.

We offer two franchise programs:

1. A Single Store, typically an in-line location with limited table seating, offering a wide selection of flavors of premium quality, frozen yogurt, and with dozens of toppings available to the customer. The total estimated investment necessary to begin operation of a Yogurtland franchise for a single store ranges from $352,600 to $695,000. This includes $48,000 to $524,600 that must be paid to us prior to the opening of your Store.

2. Multiple Stores. We offer a Area Development Agreement that requires you to develop more than one Yogurtland® Store within a defined geographical area. The total estimated investment necessary to begin operation of a Yogurtland franchise under a Area Development Agreement includes a development fee equal to $25,000 plus $10,000 multiplied by the number of Yogurtland® Stores you commit to open under the Development Agreement. This fee is payable upon signing of the Development Agreement. For the first Store you open under the Development Agreement $35,000 of the development fee is credited against the $35,000 initial franchise fee, and for each of the remaining Stores opened under the Development Agreement a $1 0,000 portion of the development fee is credited against the $35,000 initial franchise fee due for that Store. In addition, the estimated investment necessary to begin operation of each Yogurtland franchised Store would be $352,600 to $695,000.

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