Wings Etc. FDD Summary

Type of Business
The franchisor sells franchises for the right to operate a single WINGS ETC. restaurant. WINGS ETC.® restaurants will have a family-oriented sports theme and will offer a wide variety of chicken wings, barbecued ribs, sandwiches, burgers and other products (for on-premises dining and carry-out) and beverages including beer, wine and liquor.

Corporate Information
Wings Etc., Inc. is an Indiana corporation incorporated on August 30, 2004. Their principal place of business is at 5716 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804. They began offering restaurant franchises in April 2005 under the name “WINGS ETC.”

The total initial investment necessary to begin operations of a WINGS ETC. restaurant franchise ranges from $298,300 to $779,000. This amount includes an Initial Franchise Fee of $34,500, which must be paid to the franchisor.

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