Venture X FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
The company offers qualified parties a franchise for the right to independently own and operate a business that provides co-working office space and meeting rooms that features a blend of boutique hotel and modern office styles and décor; co-working workspaces and/or workstations strategically placed in collaborative, open areas; private offices; conference and meeting rooms; and common area spaces including reception area, lounge, and full kitchen.

Corporate Information
Venture X Franchising, LLC is a limited liability company formed in September 2015 in the State of Florida. Their principal place of business is 2121 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411. They began granting Venture X franchises in March 2016.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a single franchised Facility ranges from $431,090 to $3,304,260. These amounts include between $113,000 to $123,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliate(s). The total investment necessary to develop multiple franchised Facilities under their form of multi-unit development agreement depends on the number of franchises you are awarded the right to develop. By way of example, the total investment necessary to begin operation of three (3) Facilities is $549,590 to $3,482,760, which includes: (i) a development fee amounting to $178,500 that is paid to the franchisor; and (ii) the estimated initial investment necessary to commence operating the initial franchised Facility you are required to develop in your development schedule.

Venture X FDD

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