USA Insulation FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
As a USA Insulation franchisee, you will operate a Franchised Business that offers and sells an array of insulation products, including proprietary injection foam, polyurethane spray foam insulation, blown fiberglass insulation, rolled/batten fiberglass insulation and other products and services that the franchisor may authorize, and evaluates a customer’s insulation needs and subsequently installs one or more of the products discussed above at that customer’s property, utilizing the franchisor’s marks and proprietary operating system

Corporate Information
USA Insulation Franchise, LLCis  an Ohio limited liability company. They were originally an Ohio corporation known as USA Insulation Franchise Corporation formed on March 20, 2006. They converted to an Ohio limited liability company on December 17, 2020. Their principal business address is 17700 Saint Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44110. They have been offering franchises since March 2006.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a single USA Insulation Franchised Business ranges from $271,000 to $399,500. This includes $109,000 to $135,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliates. The franchisor may offer to qualified individuals the right to open and operate up to 3 USA Insulation Franchised Businesses within a designated development area in accordance with a development schedule. Individuals purchasing multiple Franchised Businesses in a development area must sign a Development Agreement. The Initial Franchise Fee for multiple Franchised Businesses is $55,000 for the first Franchised Business, $50,000 for the second Franchised Business and $30,000 for the third Franchised
Business. Except for the Initial Franchise Fee, the total initial investment necessary to begin operation of each Franchised Business under the Development Agreement is the same as the investment disclosed above.


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