The UPS Store FDD Summary

Type of Business
We grant The UPS Store® franchises for Centers featuring shipping, packaging, postal, print services, and similar business and communication services to be operated at traditional and non-traditional locations. This disclosure document focuses on Centers to be operated at traditional locations.

Corporate Information

The UPS Store Centers are retail service businesses which offer mail and parcel receiving, packaging and shipping services through various carriers and provide a wide range of other authorized products and services, including notary, printing, copying, office supplies and communications services such as fax. Centers are targeted to the needs of businesses of all size, small office/home office workers and busy consumers who are looking for timesaving services.

We have developed a service distribution network enabling national and international companies to utilize your Center for their shipping, packaging, postal, print services, and other business and communication needs. We previously offered franchises for Centers under the “Mail Boxes Etc.®” trademark but, in order to take advantage of long term business opportunities, starting in 2003 we began to re-brand the entire domestic system under the The UPS Store® name. UPS is our parent entity. However, the core underlying business that we are franchising remains the same as the business we and our predecessors have franchised for approximately 31 years.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a traditional (non-Rural and non-Veterans) Center is $150,196 to $371,022. This includes $34,800 to $54,300 that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate.

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