Tilted Kilt FDD Summary

Type of Business
Tilted Kilt Franchise Operating, LLC offers franchises for the operation of an Area Developer business to solicit and identify prospective franchisees who are qualified to operate Celtic-themed sports and entertainment bars and restaurants and  to provide ongoing supervision to restaurant franchisees located in a particular geographic area, in exchange for a portion of the initial and ongoing franchise fees paid by these franchisees.

Corporate Information
Tilted Kilt Franchise Operating, LLC was formed on October 13, 2005 as a Wyoming limited liability company. Their principal offices are located at 664 W. Warner Road, Tempe, Arizona 85284.

The total estimated investment necessary to begin operation of an Area Developer business, exclusive to any restaurant-related costs, ranges from $109,000 to $632,500, depending on the number of restaurants to be developed within the Area Developer’s territory. These amounts include an area developer fee which is typically between $90,000 to $540,000 that must be paid to the franchisor.

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