The alternative board FDD Summary

Type of Business
TAB Boards International, Inc. offers franchises for the operation of a business that uses the Licensed Methods under the Trademarks to (1) form boards of business leaders; (2) facilitate monthly meetings of TAB Boards and (3) provide business coaching sessions.

Corporate Information
TAB Boards International, Inc. is a Colorado corporation formed on January 2, 1996 under the name “IHTAB, Inc.” They changed their name to TAB Boards International, Inc. on April 4, 2002. Their principal business address is 11031 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, Colorado 80020. They began offering franchises in January 1996.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a TAB Business Franchise ranges from $91,361 to $102,261. This includes between $83,661 and $84,936 that must be paid to the Franchisor.

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