Sylvan FDD Summary

Type of Business
Sylvan Learning:
The franchisee will operate a SYLVAN-branded learning center with a system designed for specialized assessment and teaching of individualized educational programs for children in the principal areas of reading, mathematics, writing and test preparation.

Sylvan Sync: The franchisee will operate a portable SYLVANSYNC- and SYLVAN-branded learning environment individualized for children, using proprietary SYLVANSYNC computer systems and the Internet, alongside the Sylvan Learning Center business. In addition, the franchisee may carry the SYLVANSYNC system outside of the Sylvan Learning Center to provide services at one or more additional approved short-term or permanent locations in the Territory. The principal areas of instructions are reading and mathematics.

Corporate Information
Sylvan Learning, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company converted from Sylvan Learning Inc. on June 18,2015 and does business as Sylvan Learning Centers, Sylvan Learning and Sylvan.  Their principal business address is 1001 Fleet Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Sylvan and SylvanSync business is $89,368 to $191,874. This includes $44,731 to $50,731 that must be paid to the franchisor or an affiliate.

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