Quiznos Sub UFOC Summary

Type of Business
Quizno’s Franchising II LLC is offering franchises to operate a restaurant offering submarine sandwiches, salads, soups, and soft drinks under the service mark “QUIZNOS” and “QUIZNOS SUB.”

Corporate Information
We were formed as a limited purpose Delaware limited liability company on October 28, 2004 (although we did not commence operations until early February 2005). Our principal business address, and that of all but 3 of our affiliated and predecessor companies, is 1475 Lawrence Street, Suite 400, Denver, Colorado 80202. We were formed to be the franchisor of all new QUIZNOS franchises offered and granted beginning February 5, 2005. We do business under our limited liability company name and the “QUIZNOS” and “QUIZNOS SUB” trademarks.

The initial fee for a traditional QUIZNOS Restaurant can range from $112,943 to $131,143, including an initial franchise fee of $25,000. The estimated initial investment required for your traditional QUIZNOS Restaurant ranges from $203,640 to $279,500. This sum does not include rent for the Franchised Location. The initial fee for a non-traditional QUIZNOS Restaurant can range from $67,943 to $91,393, including an initial franchise fee of $10,000. The estimated initial investment required for your non-traditional Quiznos Restaurant ranges from $85,540 to $350,050. This sum does not include rent for the Franchised Location.

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