Proforma FDD Summary

Type of Business
We offer Franchises for the operation of businesses specializing in the sale and distribution of printed business products and services, including business forms, commercial printing, specialty advertising items and related business supplies.

Corporate Information
We conduct business under the name “PFG Ventures, L.P.,” “PFG Ventures,” “PFG Ventures, L.P. d/b/a Proforma,” “PFG Ventures, L.P. dba Proforma,” and “Proforma.” We are an Ohio limited partnership organized on December 30, 1999, that previously operated as an Ohio joint venture partnership from December 3, 1993 until December 30, 1999. Our principal business address is 8800 E. Pleasant Valley Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44131 and our telephone number is 800-825-1525. Our affiliates include our general partners and parents, Proforma, Inc. (“Proforma, Inc.”) and ProVenture, Inc. (“ProVenture”), which own and control us. Proforma, Inc. is also our predecessor. Proforma, Inc. is an Ohio corporation incorporated on May 12, 1981. The principal business address of Proforma, Inc. is 8800 E. Pleasant Valley Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44131 and its telephone number is 800-825-1525. ProVenture is a Florida corporation incorporated on November 15, 1993. The principal business address of ProVenture is 336 Bic Drive, Milford, CT 06460 and its telephone number is 800-888-4848. We have no other affiliates.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Proforma franchise is from $4,730 to $38,695. This includes a $19,500 fee for a Start-Up Franchise, which fee must be paid to the franchisor or to its affiliate.

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