PostNet UFOC Summary

Type of Business
PostNet offers franchises for retail stores which provide business and consumer services and products under the trade name “POSTNET”.

Corporate Information
PostNet International Franchise Corporation is the franchisor of the franchise program described in this offering circular. We were incorporated in Nevada on October 27, 1992. Our principal business address is PostNet World Headquarters, 181 North Arroyo Grande Boulevard, Building A, Suite 100, Henderson, Nevada 89074. We do not conduct business under any other name. Since our incorporation in 1992, we have offered franchises for retail stores which offer business and consumer services and products, and do not engage in any other business.

The initial franchise fee is $28,900, except for those who convert an existing similar type of business to a Center, in which event it ranges from $7,500 to $19,500. The estimated initial investment required to begin operation of a Center ranges from $164,600 to $182,250.

PostNet may, in some instances, offer to franchisees the right to become an area franchisee, for which a fee is negotiated on a case-by-case basis as further described in Item 5, and which is likely to range from $75,000 to $250,000. In addition to this fee, the initial investment required for becoming an area franchisee ranges from $1,450 to $14,475, as described in Item 7.

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