PortraitEFX FDD Summary

Type of Business
You will operate a business providing professional photography services under the name PortraitEFX by (―your name‖).

Corporate Information
We were organized as a Nevada corporation on April 20, 2006. We maintain our principal business address at 8206-1200 Providence Road, Suite 301 Charlotte, NC 28277-9708 , and do business under our corporate name and under the name ―PortraitEFX‖. We grant franchises to operate a professional photography business which utilizes the PortraitEFX name, marks, training, support, marketing, business management and fulfillment systems.

You will pay us an initial franchise fee equal to $16,750, and you will be required to purchase from us, or an approved vendor certain equipment, accessories and software required to operate the Franchised Business. The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Portrait EFX business ranges from $28,373 – 39,810.

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