Moe’s Southwest Grill FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
You will operate a Moe’s Southwest Grill® restaurant. Moe’s Southwest Grill® Restaurants are fast casual restaurants featuring southwestern food products.

Corporate Information
Moe’s Franchisor SPV LLC is a Delaware limited liability company organized on February 2, 2017. Their principal place of business is is 5620 Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30342. They began offering Moe’s Restaurant franchises in April 2017 and their predecessors began offering Moe’s®franchises in January 2001. They are an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Focus Brands LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Moe’s Southwest Grill® franchise ranges from $566,300 to $1,585,610. This total investment estimate includes $30,500 to $36,310 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliates.


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