Instant Tax Service FDD Summary

Type of Business
ITS Financial, LLC is offering a license to use certain designated trademarks, proprietary products, and methods of operation to operate an Instant Tax Service retail tax preparation and electronic tax return filing business.

Corporate Information
We are an Ohio Limited Liability Company formed on March 1, 2004. We have our principal business address at One Dayton Centre, 1 South Main Street, Suite 1400, Dayton, Ohio 45402. We presently do business under the name ITS Financial, LLC or “Instant Tax Service.” You will operate your franchised business under the name Instant Tax Service.® 

The estimated total investment necessary to begin operation of an Instant Tax Service Franchise ranges from $39,000 to $89,000, excluding the cost of real estate and improvements. This includes an initial franchise fee of $34,000 that must be paid to us.

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