iFlex (Regional Developer) FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
iFlex Franchising LLC is offering regional developer business(s) under this Franchise Disclosure Document.  Regional Developers will recruit prospective iFlex Stretch Studio franchisees in a defined geographic area and provide certain sales and support services to the Franchisees located within the Development Area. Franchisees will conduct business under the name of “iFlex Stretch Studio” and/or “iFlex” and operate stretch studios to provide assisted stretch programs, techniques, and systems to people of all ages in a clean, friendly, customer friendly environment.

Corporate Information
iFlex Franchising LLC is an Arizona limited liability company formed on June 2, 2022. Their principal business address is 7131 W Ray Road #38,
Chandler, Arizona 85226.

The estimated total initial investment necessary to begin operations of your Regional Developer Business will range from $96,675 to $309,750. This amount includes payments to Franchisor or its affiliates ranging from $78,750 to $254,250.

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