Hertz Car Rental FDD Summary

Type of Business
The franchisee (sometimes also called a licensee) will operate a business that rents cars.

Corporate Information
Hertz System, Inc., a Delaware corporation, was formed on January 19, 1925. We conduct our business under the name HERTZ, and we maintain our principal place of business at 225 Brae Boulevard, Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656-0713. Our agents for service of process are listed on Exhibit J. We grant licenses for businesses that rent cars under a license agreement the form of which is attached to this Disclosure Document as Exhibit A. We have offered licenses for this business since 1925.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a new Hertz franchise is $318,295 to $4,029,000. For new franchisees, this includes $29,000 to $63,500 that must be paid to the Franchisor or its affiliates. For any franchisee that is purchasing from the Parent the assets of certain existing car renting business locations, the investment may include a license fee of up to several hundred thousand dollars that must be paid to the Franchisor or its affiliates.

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