Fresh Coat FDD Summary

Type of Business
Fresh Coat offers franchises to operate painting businesses under the trade names FRESH COAT and FRESH COAT PAINTING DONE RIGHT. You will offer both interior and exterior painting and wallpapering services to the general public, including both residential and commercial clients.

Corporate Information
F.C. Franchising Systems, Inc. is an Ohio corporation that was incorporated on January 1, 2005. Their principal business address is 10700 Montgomery Road, Suite 210, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242. They do business under their name, F.C. FRANCHISING SYSTEMS, INC., and under the trade name FRESH COAT and FRESH COAT PAINTING DONE RIGHT.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Fresh Coat franchise is from $51,850 to $78,750. This includes $42,900 to $48,900 that must be paid to the franchisor or an affiliate (depending on whether we finance a portion of the initial franchise fee).

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