Epcon Communities FDD Summary

Type of Business
You will receive a franchise to use an original development system and copyrighted architectural plans to develop, construct and market a project consisting of residential dwellings, with the right, upon payment of additional fees and with Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc.’s consent, to develop additional projects. Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc.’s unique development system provides use of intellectual property and guidance for the development, construction and marketing of a residential “care-free living” community using unique architectural designs.

Corporate Information
Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc. s an Ohio corporation, incorporated on April 26, 1995. Their principal business address is: 500 Stonehenge Parkway, Dublin, Ohio 43017. Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc. changed its name on March 14, 2005 from Epmark, Inc. From August l996 until February 2005,under the name of Epmark, Inc., they offered and sold Epmark franchises.

The total investment necessary to commence operation of an Epcon Communities franchised development business ranges from $9,815,328 to $14,040,912 for a 48 Unit project. This includes the $365,000 that must be paid to the franchisor, Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc., and its affiliate, Epcon Communities Marketing Program, Inc., for a 48 Unit project (assuming an average gross sales price per Unit of $250,000 and 48 months to complete and sell all Units in the project).

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