DryJect FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
As a DryJect franchisee you will operate a patented, unique and exclusive natural grass aeration service. This service allows customers to have smooth, playable surfaces when aeration holes are filled with sand or soil amendments. This technology provides greater customer satisfaction and eliminates costs associated with alternative technologies.

Corporate Information
DryJect Management, LLC is a Pennsylvania limited liability company formed on March 25, 2014. Their principal business and mailing address is 307 Lincoln Avenue, Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040. They have offered franchises since July 2006.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a DryJect Franchised Business is $44,565 to $261,650. This includes $190,000 which must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliate.

DryJect FDD

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