Drybar FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
You will operate an upscale shop offering hairstyling services in a spa-like setting and at off-site locations under the trade name and service mark DRYBAR®.

Corporate Information
DB Franchise, LLC is a limited liability company formed in the State of Delaware on January 29, 2021. Their principal business address is 1890 Wynkoop Street, Unit 1, Denver, Colorado 80202. They have offered franchise since February 2021. Drybar Franchising LLC, their predecessor began offering franchises in April 2012.

The estimated investment necessary to begin operation of a Drybar Shop franchised business is $550,504 to $869,724. This includes $126,124 to $134,124 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliate(s). The estimated initial investment necessary to develop two or more Shops under their form of Area Development Agreement depends on the number of franchises that they grant you the right to open. By way of example, the estimated initial investment associated with acquiring the right to develop three Shops pursuant to an Area Development Agreement and necessary to begin operations of the first of those Shops ranges from $605,504 to $924,724, which includes: (a) a Development Fee amounting to $105,000 payable to the franchisor upon signing, and (b) the initial investment to begin operations of the initial franchised Shop you are required to development within your Development Area.

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