Denny’s FDD Summary

Type of Business
Denny’s restaurants are full service, family-style restaurants that offer and serve a wide variety of food products and services. Denny’s restaurants offer a casual dining atmosphere and moderately- priced food designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of customers.

Corporate Information
DFO, LLC’s principal business address is 203 East Main Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29319.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Denny s franchise is:
from $1,318,608 to $2,621,428 for a Denny’s H160 facility
from $1,178,608 to $2,396,418 for a Denny’s 04200 facility
from $1,125,608 to $2,319,418 for a D3600 facility;
from $701,651 to $1.055,615 for a Denny’s Fresh Express;
from $228,000 to $737,500 for a non-traditional Denny’s Fresh Express; and
from $995,608 to $1,701,418 for Denny’s within a Travel Center
(these numbers exclude real estate). This includes the initial franchise fee of $0 to $40,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate.

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