CPR Cell Phone Repair FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
The franchisor offers a franchise to operate cell phone repair businesses within specified geographic areas using the “CPR” marks that provide repair services we authorize for smart phones, cell phones, laptops, game systems and other electronic devices and sell refurbished mobile devices and accessories. They offer a territory based on the size and demographics of the market the franchise(s) are located in. They offer franchises individually under the terms of a standard franchise agreement.

Corporate Information
MMI-CPR, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company that was organized on April 5, 2013. Their principal place of business is 7100 East Pleasant Valley Road Suite 300 Independence, Ohio 44131.  They have been offering franchises for CPR Franchise Businesses since October 2013.

The total investment required to establish a CPR Franchise Business ranges from $97,250 to $196,900. This includes $34,900 that you must pay to the franchisor or their affiliates.

CPR - Cell Phone Repair FDD

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