Bar Louie Restaurants FDD – Franchise Information, Costs and Fees

Type of Business
A “Bar Louie” franchisee will operate a “gastrobar” bar and restaurant concept offering upscale casual food, on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages, third party delivery and catering sales, and related sales of products and services. The franchisor also offers an opportunity to open and operate multiple Bar Louie gastrobars within a defined geographic area under an Area Development Agreement.

Corporate Information
BLH Restaurant Franchises LLC is a Delaware limited liability company organized on May 27, 2020. Their principal business address is The Colonnade, 15305 Dallas Parkway – 12th Floor, Addison, Texas 75001.


The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Bar Louie Gastrobar franchise under a franchise agreement ranges from $1,079,500 to $3,974,000 (including $50,500 due to the franchisor or an affiliate). For a three-unit development agreement, the total investment necessary would range from $3,238,500 to $11,922,000 (including $151,500 due to the franchisor or an affiliate). Under a development agreement, you must open two or more units.

Bar Louie FDD

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