9Round FDD Summary

Type of Business
The Franchise offered is for the operation of a boxing and kick boxing center that provides a customized physical fitness training program, which includes a proprietary system of challenging work out stations. The franchise will offer memberships for professional assistance that will coach clients towards a healthy lifestyle complimented with motivational support and a step-by-step boxing or kick boxing fitness program that incorporates functional, interval and cardiovascular regimens without having to use exercise machines. The franchise is a specialized fitness center, dedicated to serving clients who seek assistance for a better and healthier lifestyle in one simple package, under the name “9Round™.”

Corporate Information
We are a South Carolina limited liability company, formed on December 15, 2008. We do business as “9Round Franchising, LLC”. Our principal business address is 1099 E. Butler Road #109I, Greenville, South Carolina 29607. We operate (through an affiliate disclosed below) and sell franchises for the operation of a business known as “9Round™” (the ‘Center’). We offer a Franchise Agreement for the development and operation of a single boxing and kickboxing fitness center at a specified location, which is within an exclusive territory along with the option for the development of a few boxing and kickboxing fitness centers in exclusive territories.

The Initial Franchise Fee is $20,000 for exclusive rights to operate a boxing and kick boxing fitness center in a specific area defined by us. Additional Franchises will be available for a reduced fee of $15,000 per Franchise. The total estimated initial investment required for a 9Round™ Franchise ranges from $67,800 to $116,600 depending on a number of factors that are more fully discussed in Item 7. This includes the Initial Franchise Fee of $20,000 (as discussed in Item5) that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate.

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